I love adventure, and writing is full of adventure.

From your first inkling of an idea to nurturing your characters and building new worlds full of all types of new possibilities; writing a novel is an emotional and rewarding adventure.

In late 2018 I started my first manuscript adventure. 60K words in I realized I wasn’t writing the story I was wanting to write; I enjoyed the story, but it wasn’t traditional publishing material. My writing adventure morphed in 2019 and I spent a lot of time considering the types of stories I wanted to write about while losing myself in AuthorTube and learning my craft.

I love fantasy, but I was also tired of the same tropes being told in the same way over and over again—Cough Cough, possessive alpha shifters. I was also for the first time in my life living and working in a space that I felt comfortable in discussing sexuality, gender diversity, identity, love, relationships in a positive and non-prescriptive way.

It was freeing.

Being raised in regional Australia where relationships, sexuality and sexual identity came in only one size I found myself being slut-shamed for asking questions about sex. I now found myself in a safe space to explore the many questions I had growing up.

Considering all these things I decided to write fantasy novels that reflected the concepts of love, intimacy and sexual identity in a way I was interested in.

However, when I reached the end of my first novel (currently querying) I realized my book wasn’t necessarily the fantasy I was pitching it to be. Now if anyone asks me, I prefer to call my book speculative fiction with a strong central romance plot.

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